Does Meadowbrook Acres Nursing Center provide therapy services?

Yes. Meadowbrook Acres Nursing Center takes pride in its therapy staff and the services they provide. The facility’s spacious in-house therapy room is equipped with state of the art apparatuses that allow residents to reach their full potential before returning home. Meadowbrook Acres Nursing Center provides physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapy services. Therapists provide treatments during the normal workweek and are also on-call each weekend for special evaluations and/or treatments. Family members are encouraged to observe therapy sessions and take an active role in there loved one’s care.

Does Meadowbrook Acres Nursing Center provide long-term care?

Yes. Meadowbrook Acres Nursing Center provides a home-like atmosphere for those residents who choose to reside at the facility for long-term care. Two large lounge areas equipped with entertainment centers. A gazebo are with shaded seating to enjoy the great outdoors.

What payment options do Meadowbrook Acres Nursing Center accept?

Meadowbrook Acres Nursing Center accepts Medicare, Private Pay, Medicaid, VA, Hospice and various insurances. Please contact the Admissions Department for further insurance explanation and information.

What activities are available to residents?

Meadowbrook Acres Nursing Center provides a variety of in-house activities for residents to attend. Bingo, sing along, live musical group entertainment, euchre and Lunch Bunch are just a few regularly scheduled activities residents may participate in if they choose. Meadowbrook Acres Nursing Center’s facility van also transports residents to several community activities including restaurants, county fairs and community events.

Can Meadowbrook Acres Nursing Center meet special dietary requirements?

Yes. A licensed dietician is on staff to ensure proper dietary requirements are met for all residents. Meadowbrook Acres Nursing Center’s main dining room accommodates a large number of residents. Those residents preferring to eat in their rooms may do so and are serviced room service style. Alternate dining choices are available upon request for all meals.

What are Meadowbrook Acres Nursing Center's visiting hours?

Visiting hours are not restricted. However, our main entrance locks at 7:00 p.m. for safety purposes. Please ring the doorbell for assistance if visiting later in the evening.

What physicians have privileges at Meadowbrook Acres Nursing Center?

Each physician who practices at Meadowbrook Acres Nursing Center must complete an extensive credentialing process. Meadowbrook Acres Nursing Center has two attending physicians and several ancillary physicians including a dentist, optometrist, podiatrist and psychologist. Please click on the “Physicians” link to learn more about physicians with privileges.

Does Meadowbrook Acres Nursing Center promote family involvement in a resident’s care?

Absolutely. Meadowbrook Acres Nursing Center has an open door policy. Family members are encouraged to relay questions and concerns anytime. A Resident Care Plan Meeting is scheduled for each resident the week after admission and every 90-days after. These meetings allow each discipline to meet with the resident and/or family members to discuss the resident’s current medical condition and any questions in an open forum.

Is Meadowbrook Acres Nursing Center an assisted living facility?

No. Meadowbrook Acres Nursing Center is a long-term care facility that also provides short-term rehabilitation. A long-term care facility provides 24-hour nursing care, supervision and an intensive medical care environment versus an assisted living facility.

Does Meadowbrook Acres Nursing Center accept residents with dementia and/or Alzheimer’s?

Dementia and Alzheimer’s affect residents in various ways. Each disease process also has varying degrees of severity. Meadowbrook Acres Nursing Center does not have a specific “locked unit” for dementia / Alzheimer’s residents. However, the facility can accommodate those residents who are mildly confused and easily redirected. Please contact the Admission Department to further discuss placement options.